Nev Schulman, 'Catfish' Host, Lands Book Deal

Nev Schulman, the host of MTV's "Catfish," just landed a book deal.

Deadline reported that the book, "In Real Life," will be about "relationships in the digital age," an offshoot of his indie-doc-turned-TV-show. He recently signed a deal with Grand Central Publishing and the book is scheduled for release in fall 2014.

In his MTV series, Schulman attempts to shine light -- or expose -- those engaged in online relationships. Though he and his silver fox cohost, Max Joseph, often succeed in bringing people together, love (and honesty) are rarely in the air. His subjects (and they do become subjects on the show) are often brokenhearted, learning that their online romancers aren't who they appear to be.

The Catfishers often struggles with issues of self-worth in regard to appearance, body image, class or sexual orientation. "Catfish" and Schulman have been accused of putting young people under a microscope to be used as scientific experiments.Margaret Lyons at Vulture even called the show "an embodiment of American shame."